About Us

Welcome to the AROMACOSMOS
Aromacosmos was started by  two sisters Mrs Brigitte  and Mrs Celestte during end of 2017 after reading an articles that burning incense sticks made with synthetic chemicals materials are causing cancer.
Educating the people  or telling each one of them is our social responsibility which will lead for better future to our generation and kids.
So they came up with a decision of making of Incense sticks, Incense cones etc only by 100% natural materials.
Even though the cost of the 100% natural materials are very high and expensive than synthetic materials it is our responsibility to  take this to them and we need to educate the people that what we are doing currently is not good for our future generations and further now a days people are interested in learning and changing to natural and healthier products.
Further they decided to take up this opportunity to employ fully women workers from their neighboring villages so that they can improve the social life of them. It also leads us to have an opportunity to interact with them and few more village people to identify their living methods and ways to change them.
Vision of our company
Our vision to keep achieving our aim to reach all people    ” a 100% natural products ” by creating and maintaining various range of hand made products  specifically natural materials  which is eco to environment and further to improve the betterment life of our nearby village peoples.
Mission of our company
i) Strive for the best in serving Quality products with the help of the economically weaker women from nearest villages by improving their lifestyle.
ii) Redress conditions that limit human development and quality of life
iii) Promote women rights and social justice, try our best to prevent and alleviate personal and societal problems they are facing on day to day life by them.
iv) Improve the company and the workers simultaneously.