Nag Champa Incense Stick

Nag Champa Incense Stick

Handmade natural incense stick by artisanal womens

Length of the stick is 8 inches (20.32 cm)

It contains 12 nos of sticks

It does not produce more smoke

No charcoal used

No chemical used

It give pure fragrance of  Nag Champa

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    Nag Champa is essentially a fragrance with Indian origins – a combination of plumeria and sandalwood. The base is the 'Champa' flower that is mixed with other natural ingredients to enhance its scent and aroma even more. This blend is used in incense, soaps, essential oils, candles etc.Nag Champa is a sacred incense (it's a blend which consists partly of Sandalwood). Nag Champa can be burned for many of the same reasons as Sandalwood. It can be used to sanctify or purify an area. ... It's a good incense to burn to deities that are associated with love, like Venus and Aphrodite. Once you’ve used these nag champa incense sticks, you won’t be able to imagine your spiritual practice without them.  Its fragrance is so divine and so healing – like it came straight from the Higher Realms. Nag champa is a traditional Indian incense burned at temples, and has been used for centuries by Hindu and Buddhist monks. Once you’ve experienced its sublime magic, you’ll understand why it’s an ancient favorite. The deeper magic of these nag champa incense sticks Nag champa possesses an abundance of healing properties. First, it serves as a powerful auric energizer and balancer. The fragrance of these incense sticks will immediately rejuvenate your spirit and pull each of your chakras into perfect balance, bringing you a wonderful sense of positivity, harmony, and peace. Nag champa is also powerful in repelling negative energies – none can sustain itself in the presence of this magical fragrance. Burn these incense sticks to begin harnessing their extraordinary magic. I strongly recommend using these incense sticks before meditation or ritual – their fragrance will purify and sanctify your space, readying it for sacred work. This listing is for one twelve-pack of nag champa incense sticks. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight.