Summer Stick

Summer Stick

The rich fragrance of citronella and eucalyptus rejuvenate your body and mind and relaxation during your outdoor enjoyments.

It gives your garden a pleasing effect and elegant feel. The crisp flavor drives away the mosquitos and fights a battle against pesky bugs where you won’t have to worry about mosquito bites anymore.

It makes your daily wellbeing practices more effective and fulfilling with the ancient practice of incense burning.

The summer sticks has a mild and soothing fragrance. The incense sticks are dipped in natural essential oils and blended herbs and masalas which are healthy and safe.

It is a giant outdoor stick that enhances backyard hangouts festivals camping trips and other outdoor party setting s the pack contains a set of 5 incense sticks where each stick is 16″ in length and offers a long burning time of 120 minutes


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