Frankincense incense stick

Frankincense incense stick

Handmade natural incense stick by artisanal womens

Made of 100% natural resin and pure essential oil

Length of the stick is 8 inches (20.32 cm)

It contains 12 nos of sticks

It does not produce more smoke

No charcoal used

No chemical used

It give pure fragrance of Sandal wood

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 Frankincense oil has been found to distinguish cancerous cells from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability. However, frankincense smoke produces a psychoactive substance, trahydrocannabinole, which helps to expand consciousness. It helps in clearing the lungs and other mucus-related problems, lightens heavy periods in females, and eases postnatal depressions. In Ayurvedic medicine Indian frankincense (B. serrata), commonly referred to as 'Incense Stick' has been used for hundreds of years, for treating arthritis, healing wounds, strengthening the female hormone system, and purifying the atmosphere from undesirable germs.